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You are not alone! Behaviour problems can have a big impact on not only your dogs life, but also your own. Many factors can cause changes in behaviour and an increase in behavioural issues. Since March 2020, 55% of owners have reported a change in the routine of their dog and over half of those cases reported a new behaviour problem (Ref: Dogs Trust).

Dogs Training

We can help by addressing the cause of the issues and creating effective behaviour change.

Your consultation will consist of a pre-consult history form, an approximately 2 hour at home behavioural consultation where we implement management strategies and begin techniques to prevent undesirable behaviours and teach alternative coping strategies, by changing your dogs emotional response.

All behaviour consultations will require a comprehensive veterinary health check by a trusted vet. A recent study found that 80% of behaviour cases had a undiagnosed health condition which caused or contributed to the problem behaviour. Please contact us before booking your vet check as we will provide you with a few areas to check which some vets may not include as standard.

Following this you will receive a personalised, individual training plan and comprehensive behaviour report to follow outside of sessions. You and your dog will receive lifetime support via email or whatsapp for any questions and queries relating to our behaviour plan.

Examples of behaviours which would require a Consultation: 

- Reactivity (e.g. barking, lunging, growling) to other dogs, people or anything else

- Intra-household aggression

- Separation related behaviours 

- Guarding/possession of resources or people

- Fear

- Anxiety

- Aggression (escalating beyond reactivity, attempting to bite or biting)

We are proud partners of MY ANXIOUS DOG - a wonderful group which advocates for nervous, anxious & reactive dogs.

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 In Person Initial Behaviour Consultation £160.00 

Most cases require multiple sessions to address the behaviour, however this will vary case by case.

This gives us the opportunity to assess your dog in your home, giving us the most accurate representation of their behaviour.

We will analyse their history and begin implementing a plan to suit your and you dog's individual needs. This will include a practical demonstration of training where necessary.


Duration 2-3 hours. Includes a 30 minute skype follow up after 2 weeks.


In Person 1:1 Follow up Behaviour Sessions

Follow Up Sessions allow us to build on the skills and plan implemented in the Initial Consultation. Training can be implemented in real life scenarios, in public places. If you are unsure how many sessions would be required, this can be discussed at the Consultation. Duration approx. 60 minutes.

x2 Sessions £130.00

x4 Sessions £250.00

x6 Sessions £365.00

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