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Karolina D., ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac.


Karolina is a fully qualified & insured Canine Trainer and Behaviour Consultant. Following living with her first reactive dog, Karolina delved into the psychology of dog behaviour to understand the emotions behind the symptoms. She is a graduate of The International School for Canine Psychology as a Certified Canine Behaviour Consultant and a supporting member of The Pet Professional Guild, The International Companion Animal Network. In addition to these, Karolina adherer's to the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter's code of conduct & ethics. Karolina is currently studying to complete a Level 6 Advanced Behaviour Diploma, qualifying as a Clinical Behaviourist.

She has spent five years of her professional career working with rescue dogs, including overcoming a variety of behavioural issues as well as assessing for rehoming. Karolina has also spent multiple summers in Eastern Europe volunteering with stray dogs in an effort to increase welfare and control overpopulation. This has led Karolina to become a volunteer Canine Behaviour Advisor for Romanian Rescue Appeal, a UK registered charity working tirelessly to promote welfare & education alongside rehoming.

The Positive Canine is especially proud to be Positive Reinforcement based - using  humane, ethical, science based methods for effective behaviour modification. Our goal is to teach owners how to understand their dogs, making training easier for both.

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Why Choose Us?


We understand that the Dog Trainer population has exploded - you search for a "dog trainer near me" and receive a hundred different options; how do you decide who is right for you?

We treat every single dog and human client as an individual. Our Behaviour Consultations & Packages are designed for dog's showing 'problem' behaviours. We understand that sometimes, these are very difficult to live with day to day. It can take a toll on your (and your dog's!) mental health and reaching out for help isn't always easy. 

Our Behaviour Consultations are tailored to you; as no dog and person is the same, even if their symptoms appear similar. 

We will assess your dogs behaviour, find achievable goals and work together to create a plan that helps not only your dog, but also ensures you are confident to move forward for the future.

Our training ethos is centered on welfare - you and your dog will be treated with care and respect every step of the training journey and we will never force you (or your dog) to undertake training tasks you are unsure or uncomfortable with.


When working with us, you will receive:

A Private, Tailored Consultation which takes into account both your needs and your dogs. We strive to find a balance to ensure your concerns are addressed, without compromising your dog's welfare.

Follow Up Sessions which focus on your needs and address areas you would like more focus on; there is no hard and fast rule for how long training should take. 

Lifetime Support via Email or Text following our Consultation. This can be related to our original goals or can be about a new behaviour that has emerged (within limits, some new behaviours may require additional support).

Professional Communication with other Pet Experts in your life - From Veterinary Referrals on Observations made during our consultation to communication with your Pet Sitter to ensure training goals are not compromised.

Expert Knowledge on Canine Behaviour and Body Language. We will teach you what we know, helping you to understand your dog's most intrinsic behaviours, habits and feelings.

A Comprehensive Behaviour Report and Step by Step Training Plan within 5 working days of our Consultation. This will contain all the steps we discussed, outlined how to practice and when to practice, giving you confidence to continue the training outside of sessions.

A Professional and Confidential Service; although we love documenting training journey's, we will never prioritize obtaining a video for social media over real time teaching. We will obtain permission before filming or taking photos, and only do so when it is safe and will not interfere with the training.

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